Posted by: Susan | August 22, 2011

We went to Sweden today.

We only have a few days left of our summer vacation so I decided to take the boys to Sweden. I had lost my favorite blue kitchen scissors and the only place I could get this exact kind was in Sweden.  It was so worth the trip.  OK, so Ikea is as close as I will get to Sweden but really it is like going to a different country when you go there.  I mean come on, they serve ligonberry juice (whatever a ligonberry is).Preparing to enter Sweden.

Mural in Ikea about the work of Swedish scientist Carl von Linne

As we entered the cafeteria we were greeted by this wonderful party table being prepared for the Swedish Society.  Today was crayfish party day.Sweden and crayfish in one day was almost more that I could take in.

I did what any tourist would do on vacation.  I bought 2 lunches!  This was all Sam could eat because of his celiac disease.

Sam actually ate 3 of the 4 crayfish and then played with the heads until we finished lunch.  Not to worry we found something for him to eat at the little eatery just after you pay for all the fun things you buy at Ikea.

After lunch we toured Sweden where I found my scissors and some neat recycle bins that I am going to hang on the boys wall to use for shoe storage.  Thank you Young House Love for the idea.

What a perfect trip.  Great traveling companions, local food and learning about a different culture.  The best part was we didn’t have to go through security at the airport.

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