Posted by: Susan | August 23, 2011

We ditched all the boys!

April and I spent some quality time together on Sunday at our friends, David and Candy, yearly garden tour.  The boys didn’t want to go and I was glad I wouldn’t be spending most of my time telling them what they couldn’t do.We learned about native plants, wildlife habitat, waterfalls and hostas.

I gave April my camera and she took this shot.  When I suggested that next time she take a picture so that everyone’s head is in the picture she told me that is how she wanted it to look.  I think that is called artistic expression.In addition to the lovely garden Candy always makes fabulous cookies and I admit I look forward to sampling them.  We sat on the porch and talked about important things like Candy’s anniversary ring, how she made her triple chocolate cookies and April’s desire for Candy to make desserts for her wedding.  No there is no immediate plan for April to get married!A garden tour is a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Sometimes you just have to ditch the boys to enjoy your day.

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