Posted by: Susan | August 25, 2011

Whose crying now? Sending the guys back to school.

The ladies in my neighborhood are talking about the kids going back to school.  E-mails are flying about how there will be tears as they put their little ones on the bus.  I just laughed and thought about how happy I would be to have 8 hours to myself each day.  Then I took Sam to the high school for his last ESY session and orientation to school.  He will be a freshman!Then it hit me that my 5 ft, 101 lb baby is going to ………………High School!  I got tears in my eyes.

Here is Sam off with Ms. E to tour the school and check out his classrooms.  Sam is going into a world where parents don’t play a major role.  Here they teach our kids to be more independent.  Yesterday we went to the high school again to drop off Jake’s diabetes supplies and find his classrooms.

I was doing great until I saw this notice posted around the school.

It read: Come celebrate your “last” first day of school at Sycamore!  Jake will be a Senior this year.  OK, I got tears in my eyes again realizing that he only has one more year and my baby will be graduating.

We checked out the classrooms, cafeteria and the ever important soda machines.  The guys get to buy a soda every Friday.

And here is a fabulous picture of the boys getting on the bus for their first day of school.

The bus came early.  It was raining hard and still dark out and I got no memory picture of the “last” first day of school.  I got tears in my eyes.  Whose laughing now?  Not me.  I am sorry to all you moms out there that I laughed at your tears.  I’m right there with you sisters.


  1. I hear ya!

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