Posted by: Susan | September 7, 2011

They’re so loving….good-bye to another myth about down syndrome.

If you have been parenting you child/children for any length of time you have heard this phrase before…they’re so loving.  Usually this is done as a form of encouragement or affirmation to the parent.  I am laughing as I write this because the very person that offers that phrase has probably not spent much time with a child ages 5 and up that has DS.  Yes, our kids love to hug but they have the characteristics of any kid both good and bad.

Jake and Sam love to play the Wii and will fight over it like any other siblings.  The argument is over either who gets to go first or how long the other one has been playing.   Our daily schedule includes a walk  after school.  The closer we get to home the faster Sam runs so he can claim the Wii first.  When I arrived home after our walk Sam turned around and said to me, “Jake said he would kick my a** if I don’t get off the Wii!”  This sounds like something my older boys would have said to each other.  Let me assure you Jake didn’t learn this phrase at home.  I have learned that even though their speech may be hard to understand, every curse word they have ever heard is repeated with crystal clarity.  I avoid uttering a swear word at all costs.  But alas they can’t be protected forever.  They go to high school and inclusion means they get to learn oh so many interesting things.  The funny thing is when the Hunk came home Sam had to run and tattle on his brother repeating the phrase..’kick my a**’ three times.

Now let me think of some picture that fits this post.  Here is the perfect picture.

They are so loving like any other kid that I have raised including fighting with each other and grumbling about doing chores!  Excuse me while I go kick some asteroid.(We read a book this morning about space rocks and I thought asteroid would be the perfect word to replace that other 3 letter work.)

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