Posted by: Susan | September 13, 2011


April, and the rest of the family, have been waiting for some test results.  Our darling daughter-in-law Lindsey is pregnant.  April calls Lindsey her sister.  Once she married Dan that’s what she became to April.  You can just forget the in-law title.April texts her brother Daniel many times a day and he texts her back.April has been anticipating the results of the ultra-sound test that was to be performed on September 12th.  She has been praying for a niece since she has two nephews.  Last night as the Hunk and I were driving in the van with April, Jake and Sam my phone rang.  Big brother Dan casually asked me how I was.  I told him to forget me and tell me the results!  It’s official they will be having a little girl in February.  The van erupted with screams, yes screams, of joy.  April said, “Yes, now we can go girl clothes shopping.”  We made her promise not to post the news on Facebook until Dan could post it on his site.  Here is a picture she posted to spread the news of her new niece.We can’t wait for baby Ava to be born.  It will be so much fun to go……girl clothes shopping.


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