Posted by: Susan | September 26, 2011

I’m loving this!

Right now I am loving looking at all the pictures from our beautiful Fall weekend.  On Saturday the kids performed with their dance troupe the A-Marika Dance Stars.  It was in the little town of Glendale and the venue was located right next to the train tracks.  The kids loved it because they had to wait for a train to pass to cross into the fair area.  They had never been that close to a moving train before.We greeted friends.While we waited I listened to Sam and Jake beg me to let them ride in the Hamster Balls.Not gonna happen guys until after you dance.  Sam got tired of waiting and chatted up the DJ.He convinced the DJ to play a Michael Jackson song and my 3  danced to “Billy Jean” including doing the knife fight scene.  Gotta love You Tube and the Michael Jackson Wii game.Here is shy Sam loosening up the crowd with his amazing dance moves.  Finally the performance started. The troupe did line dances, fox trot, salsa, reggae and various other dance names I can’t remember.  They even had audience participation.  It is so much fun doing the Cuban Shuffle at a street fair with lots of people joining in!Sam is making a heart with his hands and showing it to a cute girl in the audience.  This guy knows how to work a crowd.Notice Jake, dead center of picture, with his hands stretched to their highest point and the thoughtful look on his face.  He is adding flair to the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  You go Jake.Swing it, April……….If you didn’t know it the World Choir Games are in Cincinnati next year.  To prove it here is the mascot.  Notice Blondie April working her hair in the background.Jake invited this darling woman out of the audience to dance with him and what is a street fair without a conga line.Oh yes, I love street fairs and Hamster Balls.  Tomorrow more on those balls:)  Have a great Monday.

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