Posted by: Susan | October 4, 2011

Goal Reached of donating one gallon of blood!

This gorgeous woman is very goal oriented.  She loves to write out her goals and then achieve them.  April has been donating blood since 2006.  Yesterday she reached her goal.Here she is ready for the Prom on Friday.  More on that tomorrow.

Here is April reaching her goal of one gallon.  That means she gave 8 times.  Eight needle sticks, eight days of being nauseous, eight days of being dizzy (these are the symptoms she has following a blood draw) yet she went back time after time.  Her determination is amazing.  For every person that says your child with DS is stubborn please correct them and say, “Not stubborn just determined”.  For every IEP pre-planning sheet you have to fill out with you child’s strengths and weaknesses please put determined in the strengths column.

And now for a visual…one gallon is a lot of blood!  I asked her if she was going to stop donating and she said, “No Mom, I need to keep saving lives.”  That’s my girl.  You go April!!!


  1. So proud of April!

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