Posted by: Susan | October 6, 2011

As a citizen of the United States people with Down syndrome have the right to vote!

October is Down syndrome awareness month.I want people to read my blog to find out what people with Down syndrome can do.  It is important that people know what DS is, but that still doesn’t change their perception of Down syndrome.  Seeing our kids out in the community doing everyday activities like everyone else is going to change the way people think about individuals with Down syndrome.  Here is just one example.

Last night Jacob filled out this form by himself.We then took the form to the library and dropped it off.  At our library there is a locked leather bag where the voter registrations are kept before being transported downtown.  We could have mailed it but the deadline to register is looming and we wanted it to get there in time.One of our favorite librarians took his application.  He also congratulated Jake on registering to vote.  April has been voting for 5 years!

Down syndrome awareness…People with Down syndrome have the right to vote!


  1. How powerful! Congrats to the newly registered voter!

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