Posted by: Susan | October 12, 2011

Decorating for fall

I love to put up fall decorations to add pops of orange and yellows around the house.  The outside of our house looks like this and I am loving it.And on the inside this… When I decorate the mantle I take a walk down memory lane and am transported back to Gainesville, Fl where these pictures were taken.Jacob was in kindergarten and we were going to a pumpkin patch.  We had moved from Maryland where you would go to a farm to find pumpkins.  Imagine my surprise when we met at a busy intersection where a grassy area on a corner was the ‘Patch’.  I got some great pictures anyway.Sam would have been about 18 months.  Notice Jake in the background riding a pumpkin.

Here is Jacob at age 5.  He still loves to help me pick out pumpkins.

Walking down memory lane and fall decorating….two of my favorite things to do.


  1. where did you used to live in MD? we live on the eastern shore…my daughter has a rare chromsome deletion

    • We lived in Bel Air just north of Baltimore. My husband’s family is all there:)

  2. Susan, I love seeing pictures of the kids when they were young like this and how they are growing into adulthood. You are very blessed.

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