Posted by: Susan | October 19, 2011

Are children with Down syndrome lethargic?

I love Fall and I like to walk in the woods but my  boys would (surprise) rather play video games.  This does not stop me from taking them along.  I can’t remember why Jake wasn’t with us this time.  When I take Sam for a walk I have to give him something to slow him down.Max the wonder dog will slow anyone down.  He also took his drum sticks on the walk.  Once I took Max, Sam was off and running to the stage.After this performance he was off again playing those sticks every where.Now I started walking slow-poke Max and when I looked for Sam all I saw was this.But wait I think I see a flash of blue in the woods.It’s hard to slow Sam down or speed Max up.  I found him again on the top of a play-set.Like a humming-bird Sam only lands somewhere for a few moments and then he is off again.In this picture Sam has started his flat-out run towards home.  He is like a horse headed for the barn and there is no stopping him.  Poor Max had his tongue hanging out as I tried to get him to walk briskly……………….not happening.  Oh well, I thought, I might as well snap some Fall pictures.Run, walk, drag, snap…..that’s how you do it when you go for a walk with Sam.

Myth buster:  Children with Down syndrome are lethargic……………hmmmmmmmmmmm!


  1. Love busting myths…seems there is no end to the stereotypes. Beautiful pictures.

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