Posted by: Susan | October 20, 2011

Get out of town girlfriend!

I am assuming that 95% of the people who read my blog are women so this ones for you.  When was the last time you had alone time?  Alone time is not:

1.  Going grocery shopping or clothes shopping for your family.  This is you doing things for others.

2. Being alone in the car to pick someone up at school or an after-school activity is not alone time.

3. Going to get a colonoscopy, even though you are by yourself, is not alone time!  Ditto for the dentist or gynecologist.  This is maintenance time!

I am talking about the getting away from it all kind of time.  If you are married and your spouse can make it, great.  If he has to stay home to watch the kids so be it.  As mothers sometimes it is like an octopus has wrapped its 8 arms around us, attached those tentacles and is sucking the life force right out of our bodies.  This is true for all mothers.  Add a child with special needs and that adds yet another dimension to our lives.  Girl, you need a break.

When I only had 4 kids I usually went away, by myself, overnight to a hotel of my choosing.  It’s amazing what some reading and eating and soaking in a bathtub with no interruptions can do to recharge your batteries.   The death grip of the octopus  starts to loosen and you feel ready to shoulder all your responsibilities again.  Recently I went to high school reunion 3 states and 5 hours away.  There were lots of reasons why I shouldn’t go.  These reasons all revolved around things planned for the kids or my husband.  I was outta here and on the road at 5a.m. I confess that I left early so I didn’t get bogged down by getting everyone up and out the door with lunches in hand.  The Hunk could do that.  He even made chili for the Chili Fest in our neighborhood Saturday night.

As I drove towards Illinois my cares and worries began to slip away and I noticed the fabulous country side not that far from home.I live in the Midwest but had forgotten about all the beautiful farm land that abounds here.  I got so caught up with my hamster in the wheel day-to-day life that I was missing the big picture.  It happens to all us moms.  We are the keeper of the schedules and doctor’s appointments.

The best part of my trip was that I stayed with a childhood friend.  The kind of friend that you don’t see for 25 years and then you just pick up your friendship like you had seen each other last week.Susan with life long friend Karen.

I had 3 days of not talking about my day-to-day life or taking care of anyone.  Of course I came home refreshed.

Good times at my reunion.

We talked, laughed and danced the night away.  We were older on the outside but it didn’t matter.

My point is this, you can get so consumed with life that you miss it.  There will always be things to do for your children (with or without DS).  You need to get out-of-town girlfriend and do some things for you.  By doing this you have more to give them.  Funny how that works.

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