Posted by: Susan | October 24, 2011

It started with an e-mail.

I received an e-mail inviting parents of seniors to the high school for the Senior Halloween Parade.  I twisted the Hunk’s arm and convinced him to come with me.  I used my best guilt ladden line, “Jake will have only one Senior Halloween Parade.”  Here is Jake with a friend before the parade began.Jake was a vampire and the wig was to make him look like Edward Cullen.  If you have no idea who Edward Cullen is you need to talk to your friends who are Twilight fans.  After this picture I went to the gym to wait with the other 100 or so parents attending.  Nothing prepared me for the show I was about to experience.  This was a Senior’s only event and as they poured into the gym I was amazed by the energy and the costumes.

I loved these guys that did the “Running of the Bulls.”  See the two bulls?We sure weren’t in Kansas anymore.  I scanned the crowd looking for Jake.  I had seen him come in but he had disappeared with his friends into the crowd.I never did find him in the crowd but you can play Where in the World is Waldo Jake and find him in this picture.  You would think he would have waved at me but no such luck.  I took my seat and the judging began.  The principal announced that Individuals should come on the gym floor first.  I am thinking, “Does Jake even know what individual means?”  He did and he joined the throng parading around the gym.Here is one of my favorites…. a Victoria Secret Angel.He won 2nd place.  Here is who won first.None other than Aunt Jemima.  Next came the duos followed by the groups.  I loved it when the Running of the Bulls started tearing around the gym followed by the principal announcing that they needed to slow down.  Meanwhile a Dodgeball Tournament group was playing at mid-court.  Controlled chaos baby.Jake did not want to pose for me during the parade but he gladly stopped for someone else that asked.After it was all over I looked for Jacob but he had disappeared.  Never mind, I took a picture of my favorite Duo.These two had the characters from the movie Up spot on.  As we left Jim was muttering something about raging hormones.  The gym was filled with raging hormones and an energy level that had to be experienced to be understood.  It was wonderful and my guy Jake was a part of it. Inclusion, now that’s what I’m talking about.

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