Posted by: Susan | October 25, 2011

Harry Potter and friend

On Friday April and Jake attended a Halloween dance with their friends.  They each picked out their own costume and since April has a job she even paid for her costume.  April’s latest love is all thing Harry Potter.  She has gotten the first two books out of the library and will begin reading them soon.  Here is her costume.

Jacob was a vampire because April loves Twilight and he will do anything to please her.  He even found a wig that was supposed to make him look more like Edward Cullen but I don’t think it is working.If you give a girl a wand she will do this….and thisIf you give a guy a cape he will do this…..

and this…

I think I have created monsters, camera monsters.  Both April and Jake know how to “work it” for the camera!  All good things must come to an end and they were off to the dance without me or brother Sam.  This dance was for 18 and over.April, Ali (Jake’s ride) and Jake

Notice my guys are still working it.  I will have to ask Ali if they stayed in character all night.

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