Posted by: Susan | October 26, 2011

The dog ate my homework!

There has been a mystery here about what happens to Sam’s homework on the way home.  The planner says, math homework, but none comes home.  I email the teacher and he emails me back that the homework was turned in that day.  This scenario has been going on since the beginning of school.  I just figured Sam was doing his homework at school, leaving it in his locker and turning it in the next morning.  But you know as a mother you get the feeling that something is not right……………hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Would this dog lover lie?

After not receiving homework again I called the teacher.  Yes, Sam had homework.  He had 2 vocabulary words to define.   My darling boy had done them and turned them in.  The only problem was that the words were..fixed and variable expenses.  No way my guy can figure that definition out without help.

After a long talk with Sam I figured out how he was doing homework.  He was doing it on the bus and by this I mean he gave it to his friend Daniel who took it home and did the homework for him.  The next morning Daniel gave Sam the homework and he turned it in, always on time and always right.  The jig was up.  I called his teacher and clued him in.  The teacher called me with Sam on speaker phone and we had a little chat.  The teacher told Sam he would get a zero on his homework if it didn’t come back to school signed by me.  This means nothing to Sam.  I told him he couldn’t have a soda on Friday for lunch.  Now that is something Sam can understand.  I also suggested he get double homework every time he  doesn’t bring his daily work home.  Problem solved…………for now!

Myth Buster:  Children with down syndrome don’t know how to manipulate others.  Of course they do!

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