Posted by: Susan | October 27, 2011

Halloween Happenings.

We are still 4 days from Halloween and my kids have done 4 different activities that have involved dressing in costume.  I have time to post today because the boys are staying after school today for another Halloween party.  Last Saturday we walked up to our park and enjoyed this.We know most of the people who work in the Trick or Treat booths and so we visit with friends, laugh at their get ups and of course get some candy.  Sam did not want the candy or to wear his costume.  He preferred just to carry his mask.These guys just made me laugh.

Sam was really not getting into the whole Walk in the Woods thing until he spied this darling Hershey Kiss.

Meanwhile, Jake (the guy with diabetes), got candy at every booth.  I took most of it away when we got home only to discover his secret stash under the sofa.  Max the wonder dog found the stash too and ate several Dum Dums.  How does a dog manage to eat a lollipop and leave the wrapper and stick?

Bruce our neighbor and our friend Dan from the Rec. Center.  Love that wig Jake.

Like I said, Jake hit every booth and there were probably 20!

After hugging our good friend Sue it was off to the concession stand to fill up on some wholesome food.  While Sam watched the magic show Jake spotted a face painting stand opening up.  He was first in line and had this put on his arm…He wants April to post it on her Facebook page.

On the way home Sam put on his mask and went a couple of rounds with his fellow ghosts.

He really scared this little fellow.  Later that night I hosted a Tastefully Simple party for my darling daughter Jenny.

Corrie and our daughter Jenny.

The Hunk took the Vampire and Ghost to dinner.  April went to work and I ate samples of delicious food.  A very full but perfect day.

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