Posted by: Susan | November 2, 2011

Sometimes they surprise you.

My kids with Down syndrome are just like my kids without DS when it comes to chores.  They complain when they have to do them but sometimes they surprise you.  It happened to me twice, yes twice, this past week.  Saturday I looked outside and found Sam raking the yard.  No one had told him to do it!

My guy Rocks Rakes!

That same Saturday I was upstairs doing something very important(reading a book) when I heard noises coming from the kitchen.   The noises sounded harmless so I continued to read.  When I came downstairs April had totally cleaned the kitchen…loaded the dish washer, swept the floor and wiped down the counters.  Again, I had not asked her to do this.  Am I seeing a trend here?  Probably not but I will take any help any time with no complaining any day!

April, my kitchen angel.




  1. Wow, what a nice surprise! I LOVE your posts… they’re so real and everyday and uplifting at the same time.

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