Posted by: Susan | November 3, 2011

Finishing up with Halloween

It has been a very busy 10 days here doing all things Halloween but we are finally done.  The finale was of course Monday night.  Jacob donned his costume and went around our entire neighborhood mostly by himself.  That means one mile of walking and trick or treating.  Sam went only a block or so before he came back to help us with the fun stuff.In our neighborhood babies. toddlers, school age kids and even high schoolers trick or treat.  Everyone just has a great time.

Back at our house we had set up to pass out hot dogs and lemonade.  Our church, Sharonville United Methodist, provides the hot dogs and lemonade to any family that wants to hand them out in their neighborhood.   This is the second year we have done it.

Jim got the table set up and sampled the hot dogs…quality control.

April passed out candy and poured lemonade.

Sam forked the dogs into the buns.  He kept saying, “This is awesome, this is awesome.”

The crowds began to come and I wasn’t able to take many pictures.  Friends came and people who remembered us from last year came.  People would grab the dogs and sit on the drive-way to eat.  Sam even took a hot dog to a policeman as he was passing out candy from his patrol car. 

So many kids came up and talked to Sam as he was handing out the hot dogs.  They knew him from being in an inclusive classroom together!

Halloween night was magical as we passed out 150 hot dogs and served 6 gallons of lemonade.  It was great serving others and enjoying the evening together.  Sam was right…… was AWESOME.  Next year 200 hot dogs!

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