Posted by: Susan | November 7, 2011

Cook out!

I have decided that I like fall cook outs way better than cook outs in the summer.  I love the crisp chill in the air and the fire pits ablaze.  Last week we went to the youth group family cookout.  I love our church youth group because inclusion here is a no brainer…you show up and your included, end of story.

Jake played corn hole with his friends.  I had never even heard of the game until we moved to Cincinnati.  I love it because if you can throw a bean bag you can play.  I would call that universally accessible.

I am sure the Hunk is saying something very profound about the food he is getting ready to eat.

Sam is scoping out the food to see what he can eat that doesn’t have wheat in it.  Landon, in the gray t-shirt, had put the party together without the help of his wife who was out-of-town.  He had pre-cooked all the hamburgers and made sure the fire pit and TV set were in the driveway.  Yes, the TV set so no one would have to miss football.  The TV was a little to close to the sailing bean bags from the corn hole game but I resisted the  urge to say anything……..amazing.

Sam discovered the strawberries on the food table and I think he ate every one of them off the fruit platter.  I love April’s expression.  Whatever Sam is saying she is not buying any of it.

Friends, food and a fire.  The makings of a perfect party!  Happy Monday to all of you.



  1. Looks like lots of fun! Barefoot Mama

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