Posted by: Susan | November 8, 2011

A movie review by April

Last week April went to see Footloose with a friend.  She loved the movie and informed my yesterday that she wants to get it for her brother for Christmas.  Below is the movie question and answer exchange between us.  I am M and of course April is A.

A:  Will Footloose be out by Christmas?

M:  Probably because they want to make money on it.

A:  I want to get it for Jake as his present.

M:  I need to watch it first to make sure it’s OK for Jake to watch.

A:  It’s fine Mom.  There is no nudity, just touching with clothes on.  There is kissing but no sex.

M:  Sitting speechless in the car for a minute or two.  OK, but I still have to watch it first!

See a movie review for you:)  Also she purchased these last week.

April is going with a friend to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn.  I am not going with her because that is way past my bed time.  The last midnight movie I went to I might have dozed off during part most of the movie.

Having Down syndrome does NOT slow this girl down…………………………………!

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