Posted by: Susan | November 10, 2011

Patriotic Days: Election Day, Marine Corps Birthday, Veterans Day

Does it get any better than this?  Three opportunities this week to my teach kids about our country.  On Tuesday we voted.  While we were waiting for the Hunk to get home I went outside and found the April doing some sign waving for our favorite candidate, Jake doing the hula hoop and Sam of course dancing.

Jacob and April are holding their voter’s registration cards.  Prior to voting I had printed out sample ballots for them.  We talked issues and candidates and then they voted at home making sure they filled in each box completely. They took their sample ballots to the polls to use as guides.

We are able to walk to our polling place and saw our favorite candidate outside making for a perfect photo-op.We were all excited about being part of the American process of electing our officials and having some say in our laws, taxes and policies.  It was a wonderful time to teach this to our kids.  We also talked about running for an office shows you are willing to serve your community, state or country.

Sam waited, watched and learned about voting.

I was so proud of Jacob voting for the very first time.

April has voted many, many times.  We were invited to the after party for our candidate.

While we waited for election results to come in the kids got to talk to many people at the party and learn the last piece of the process.  Our friend John lost by only 48 votes.  Here was another teachable moment…talking about handling disappointments.

Today is the Marine Corps birthday celebrating 236 years of continuous service of the Marines to our country.  It is a big deal around here because Jim is a Marine(once a Marine, always a Marine) and our son is currently serving in the Marine Corps.  Our American and Marine Corps flag are flying proudly.  Here is a picture of April and her Dad from last year’s birthday ball.

And finally tomorrow is Veteran’s Day.  Be sure to tell your children with and without Down syndrome about this special day.  Have them hang out the American flag, look at the newspaper for stories about Veterans and call any family member that has served and thank them for their service.

There are so many opportunities to teach our children with DS about our country.  I love these hands on real world applications.  These are what they will remember.

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