Posted by: Susan | November 15, 2011


Last night Sam wanted the Hunk to help him with his homework.  I loved the idea of not being the one to do the 2 sided math paper on the dreaded…Calendar.

What is the date 2 weeks and 3 days after Jan. 6th?  Say what?  This is like studying physics for Sam.  The Hunk persevered for an hour with a thunder-storm going on.  Sam can’t seem to grab the concept that you just drop down one row for each week and then count the days from there.  I will give Jim credit for coming up with all the helpful hints on the homework.  I had to go upstairs because it was agony for me to listen to them.

This morning we sipped coffee on the front porch after the boys had left for school.  I cautiously brought up the homework session.  Jim said at times he thought Sam understood it.  He then added something about “poor guy” because it was so hard for Sam.  This is how we parents get sometimes when something that seems easy to us is so hard for them.  Then I had an aha moment.

My kids with Down syndrome are amazing.  I don’t have a disability and at times complain about what I can’t do. Shame on me.  My guys struggle to learn new things and just keep trying and trying and most of the time they will master the new skills.  It may take them much longer but they usually get it.  I’m inspired daily by my 3 kids.  Lesson learned by me!


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