Posted by: Susan | November 22, 2011

Gifts from the Kitchen

Why am I standing in front of a port-a-potty with a smile on my face?  That’s because it is time for my annual trip to Jungle Jim’s to attend a cooking class, Gifts from the Kitchen.  Like any smart woman I am going to use the restroom before the 3 hour class.  BTW, these bathrooms were voted some of the most famous in the country.  Who knew they had a contest for this?  You open the door to walk inside and surprise it is really a fabulous bathroom with a jungle theme of course.

Here are a few ‘gifts’ that the elves will be making.

Here are the elves…..

This is the mirror I watched for 3 hours as the elves whipped up amazing food stuffs.

This is my ever so wise neighbor Theresa who remembers to sign us up for the class.  Can you really call eating for 3 hours a class?

These are just a few of the delicious things that were made that day.  By the time the elves showed us how to make a GIANT peanut butter and chocolate cup (see picture right below the last port-a-potty pic) I was almost too full to eat it.  I only nibbled on it:)

I  made it home 15 minutes before the bus got here with my darling guys on board.  What gift will I make from my kitchen that I sampled in the class?   The truth is I don’t make anything from the class.  I just go to give myself the gift of sharing the day with my friend.  Who have you shared time with lately other than your family?

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