Posted by: Susan | November 29, 2011


On Friday we had very mild weather.  The kind of weather perfect for decorating for Christmas outside and inside too.  I sent the boys outside to help the Hunk.If you look closely through the tree you can see what the boys were actually doing.

Yes, they were playing with their iThings……………..  Not to worry because the next day I knew how to hook Sam.  Sam loves to set up the Nativity scene.  The other 2 carried many boxes of lights and decorations out of the basement for me.

This guy can multi-task with the best of them.

Sam is fascinated by all the figures in the Nativity set especially the camels.

Everything must be placed just so.  The camels never go near the crèche.  They start out here and move around the house until Epiphany, Jan. 6th.

Sam’s other favorite thing to put out for Christmas is our collection of nutcrackers.  He studies each one diligently and asks me questions about them before placing them on the mantel.  He chooses the way to line them up.Decorating at our house has become easier and easier.  Everyone helps!  How is the decorating going at your house?

Here is a picture for tomorrow’s post.  Guess where we went.

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