Posted by: Susan | December 5, 2011

Girl time

Surprise, the boys didn’t want to go with me to see the Christmas open house at the Hunt House.  Thank goodness my blond beauty April wanted to come with me.  When we arrived they were taking free pictures in front of this carriage.

Notice we are not wearing coats and it is December in Ohio!  Here is what Blue Ash looked like in the mid 1800’s.  The Hunt House is just visible in the top right corner.  The kids walk past the house on their way to bowling every week.As we walked into the house we were transported back in time.  We got there early and had a guided tour for just the two of us.We strolled through the house listening to the sounds of a woman playing music on a dulcimer.  I did not have to listen to the boys complaining that they were bored or wanted to leave.  April and I took it all in including seeing the wedding gown of the woman who lived there and the baptismal gown used for all of her children.  We even talked to one of the descendants who used to spend his Christmas on his grandparents farm.

When we entered the sun room to look at all the old cards and letters we ran into some neighbors.  We usually see neighbors while we are out and that’s why I love living in a small town.

This was my favorite photo on the wall.  It showed the family in a horse and buggy in the snow.  When I took the shot the light from the window imposed the present over the past.

Our girl time went quickly.  Too soon it was time to shut the door on the past and step back into today.



  1. Gorgeous photos. Yeah, no surprise on the boys opting out… totally a mom and daughter thing 🙂

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