Posted by: Susan | December 15, 2011

Here’s hoping

Here’s hoping that some time between now and January 1st you can spend an evening with your girlfriends.  You know the ones that offer support, help and a listening ear as you parent your children.  Last Friday night I did just that.

A few of our friends couldn’t make it because of other commitments but that’s what it’s like when you schedule a group.  Since we all work at different places we decided to have our own “office” Christmas party.  Our office, where we meet, is at the bowling alley.  While our kids with special need bowl we talk, exchange ideas and offer support.  I call this the Think Tank, my therapy group or my posse.  This is who I call when the going gets tough and I need help.   I hope you don’t forget about carving out time for friends.  You’ll be glad you did!

If you’re wondering, my friends in the back row are showing off their new colored rubber gloves with a leopard print cuff…………..just what every mom needs.  Oh, and that’s me on the far right holding an eye glass cleaner and nail polish.


  1. Awesome!!!

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