Posted by: Susan | December 19, 2011

Sometimes it happens…………….

Sometimes it happens that we only have one child at home and on Friday night that child was Sam.  Off we went to Sharon Woods to view Holiday in Lights.  On the way a deep voice from the back seat said Ho, Ho, Ho and I turned around to find Santa again.  I had no idea he had taken his Santa outfit with him.  By the time I got my camera out Santa was back in the bag……………..

When we got to the park Sam kept saying it looked like France.  Why???????????????????? who knows.Imagine driving through miles of lights at 10 miles per hour or less with Sam in the back seat talking non-stop.

Sam is very animated and loved looking out the window at the displays of everything from a gorilla to the Eiffel Tower.  Hey, maybe that’s why he thought it looked like France.  After the drive-thru we stopped at the Nature Center to see a life-size puppet, trains and crawl through some tunnels that were decorated with penguins.  We peeked in at Santa but we don’t go in because Sam knows he’s too old.

Yes, sometimes it happens that we get Sam by himself and when it does we always have a great time.


  1. Dear Susan, It is a joy to begin reading your blog. I usually don’t leave comments ( for lack of time), but know that I will enjoy each entry! Merry Christmas and many many blessings from Jesus to your entire wonderful family! Love, Vicky

    • It is so good to hear from you. Pleas give all in your family a big hug from me…..Merry Christmas

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