Posted by: Susan | December 20, 2011

Need a laugh?

Last night big sister Jenny picked up April, Jacob and Sam to see Awaited, A Christmas Show at Crossroads Community Church.  Think the story of Christ’s birth done Broadway style for 5,000 people each night.  We had the usual getting ready problems of not wanting to wear this or that but in the end they looked festive.  The Hunk and I were not part of this outing………………………bliss.  We stayed home and wrote Christmas cards.

I sent my camera with Jenny and she was able to snap some pictures before the show.  My gang was meeting up with some friends of a friend.  People Jenny had never met before.  This is an important fact in the story.  You’ll see.

An entire Christmas village is set up in the lobby for pre-show fun.  There is free everything available, hot chocolate, cookies, candies and craft making for the younger children.

These are the new friends who were so great with my guys.  The tickets were for the 3rd balcony which Jenny said was higher than 3 stories.  April managed to overcome her fear of heights and get to her seat.  Sam, who hates the dark, was reassured by his big sister that the aisle lights would stay on for the whole performance.  The only thing Sam hates worse then the dark is thunder.  The lights dimmed and the play began with the creation of the world.  Of course it started with darkness and thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sam had a panic attack and wanted to leave immediately.  By panic attack I mean that he has to go to the bathroom right now.  He is not faking this.  He needs to, let me say this as nicely as I can, poop.  No holding this back.  Jenny took him to an exit where she was informed no one was allowed to leave the auditorium for the first 30 minutes.  Sam sat on the floor rocking back and forth trying not to poop in his pants.  Finally Jen told the usher he was having a panic attack a needed to leave NOW.  Yes, he made it to the bathroom in time and no they couldn’t go back into the performance for 30 minutes which really didn’t matter since Sam refused to go back.  What’s a sister to do?  A kind gentleman from the church suggested the cry room.  Jen and Sam watched the rest of the performance there with only one other mother and child inside.  Jake and April sat with their new stranger friends for the entire 75 minute show.  Oh the kindness of strangers.  At the very end of the show Jen left Sam, by himself, to go back into the auditorium and get April and Jake.  Since the show was still going on she was unable to explain to her new friends why she ditched them for the entire time…………………….!  I am sure she will get it all sorted out with them today:)

No, that wasn’t the funny part although reading it now it does sound funny.  The funny part was the picture taken at the free photo booths set up before the show.  She took the kids to the dress up photo booth and this picture was waiting on our computer when she brought the kids home.

Now that’s funny.



  1. Love it!!!!

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