Posted by: Susan | December 21, 2011

How old is too old to visit Santa?

I know that if you have a child with special needs you have heard the term “age appropriate”.   With my vast knowledge I will answer the question about when we should stop taking our children to visit Santa.   First you must read this entire post because the answers is at the end.

Yesterday I took Jake, Sam and our grandson Henry to the Bass Pro Shop.  Inside the store, during the month of December, they set up  Santa Land.  This is not just any SL(Santa Land), this SL is surrounded by fun things to do like shoot things…guns, bow and arrows, Wii guns.  Let me show you. Real stuffed animals everywhere!  The boys were in heaven.

Here Elf Larry was showing Henry how to load and shoot the cross-bow.

There is nothing like a lazer rifle to get a guy to focus at the task at hand.

While Henry and Sam sharpened their shooting skills Jake could be found doing some other fun things.Ignore the blatant advertising sign in SL.

Santa Land was educational too.  Who knew there was such a thing as a pump-action turkey shotgun?

We also toured the store and saw lots of great things like a 2 story fish tank, many stuffed birds and animals and an airplane hung from the ceiling.

Henry found the perfect Christmas gift for himself.  Sorry Henry I already have your gifts at home.OK, if you insist one more picture of SL before I answer the pressing question about visiting Santa.

And now for my sage advice about Santa…………You are never…too old…to visit Santa!

Thank you Bass Pro Shops for a wonderful morning.  If you have a store near you pack the kids in the car and go.  Get there early to avoid crowds and play with all the fun stuff in SL.  Picture with Santa… free.


  1. What a great mother you are!!! The Lord knew 20 some years ago that April would be a blessing and bring a blessing and now her younger brothers are the fruit of that blessing….as well as her older brothers and sister:) I so remember Jim sharing from the pulpit how the Lord spoke to him the day of April’s birth as he was driving home and when he came to exit off 95 he heard the Lord speak Isaiah 55:8-9 to his heart. This testimony has helped encourage me at times when I don’t understand what the Lord is doing (Lord, please send Matt a wife—a kindred spirit who will love the poor of Cambodia and not mind the heat)—His timing and ways and thoughts are perfect! Many Christmas blessings to you and yours, dear Susan.

  2. Just as I suspected…some women will do ANYTHING in order to sit on a strange man’s lap! Loved the pics AND the commentary. You are proof that you are never too old to do anything that really needs doing!!!

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