Posted by: Susan | December 22, 2011

Oh, no mistletoe

Sam has decided this it the year that we really, really needed mistletoe.  Off we went to Pipkins Market to find it.

On the way in to the store Jake decided to check the “Naughty and Nice” book with Santa.  Pipkins was sold out of mistletoe…

Resourceful Sam found a small piece of pine tree on the floor and is demonstrating how he will use this as a substitute.  That won’t work so onward we went looking for those magic green leaves and white berries.

Pipkins, sold out…Oh, no mistletoe.

Another nursery, they never got it in…Oh, no mistletoe.

Kroger, none to be had because of a grasshopper infestation(I am not making this up)…Oh, no mistletoe.

Trader Joe’s, they don’t carry it…Oh, no mistletoe.  The cashier told me she saw some at a florist.  The hunt continues.

Peter Gregory Florist in Blue Ash…Oh, no mistletoe.  But wait, the kind lady there said they had some silk mistletoe that she found in the back room and made absolutely beautiful for Sam.  We had such fun waiting for the arrangement to be completed.  Sam even showed them some Justin Bieber moves.

Later that night the mistletoe went with Sam to the dance class party.

Oh no, mistletoe!

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