Posted by: Susan | December 26, 2011

Trains, Trestles and Traditions

On Friday I took April, Jacob and Sam to see the Holiday exhibit at the Krohn Conservatory: Trains, Trestles and Traditions.  We got there early but I knew we were in trouble when I had to squeeze my car into an unmarked parking spot.  First we stopped outside to view the Nativity set up in a barn with real animals inside and sheep grazing outside.  So peaceful and meaningful.

Leaving the tranquility of the stable behind we entered the conservatory.Doesn’t April look so happy to be here?  I was now on a mission to make sure we didn’t get separated from each other which is a nice way of saying I hope Sam doesn’t take off and I can’t find him.  We have been here so many times that Sam knows the layout of the place so I felt confident that if I lost him he would turn up eventually.

Here’s a nice picture taken between the arms of 2 strangers.

This is my Where’s Waldo April picture.

I can’t tell by this picture if Jake was mesmerized by the trains or deep in thought.

I am a sucker for the Eiffel Tower, even a replica.  Did I ever tell you about the time I went to Paris by myself?  Oh that’s right this is a family blog.

Lost Sam in the Cactus Garden.  Notice the family dynamics of this picture?

April and Jake wanted their picture taken in front of this arrangement.We are still on a hunt for Sam.  April and Jake are unfazed by the disappearance.

There you are Sam waiting so patiently for us at the entrance to the Orchid House.  This is real progress, his waiting.  Sam does everything in double time.  It looks like he has learned to wait and not get too far ahead of us.  He disappeared again after I took this picture but again he was waiting for us outside the exhibit.

No trip to the Krohn is complete without Sam climbing the wall behind the waterfall.

We are now on the home-stretch of our tour.  Oh look kids here is a perfect place for a photo-op.  Why don’t you all get in the sleigh together?  Jake did not want to be in the picture with Sam.After viewing these photos I realized what “syndrome” is so obvious from the pictures.  It is the Two Against One Syndrome(TAO Syndrome) that is so rampant in large families.  My 3 older kids were affected by it too.  What’s a mother to do?

When we got home I had these 2 lovely presents waiting for me.Two Eiffel Towers in one day?  It’s a sign I just know it.  I am supposed to go back to Paris, by myself, to get away from the dreaded TAO Syndrome……………

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