Posted by: Susan | December 29, 2011

The office visit from hell.

The pictures in this post have absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote about.  The last thing I wanted to do was take pictures of yesterday.  Read on to see why.

If you read the previous post you know that yesterday I was taking Jake to Children’s Hospital to meet with a nutritionist and talk about his recently diagnosed Celiac disease.  Sam tagged along because the Hunk was working.  I was thinking that this visit would be a piece of cake.  Sure Sam can be a distraction but I had a no fail way to keep him quiet while the nutritionist talked to Jake.  I would simply give Sam the iPod with earphones and he could happily play away.  Sam likes his technology.

We went merrily down the highway to the hospital singing at the top of our lungs to the latest Kidz Bop 20 CD.  In my mind I am thinking how much fun we were having, how short appointment would be and how we will skip through Kroger’s together picking out gluten-free food after Jake has been enlightened about what he can now eat.  I knew we were in trouble when we checked in and the receptionist told us she couldn’t find our appointment.  I asked her if the nutritionist was there and could she contact her to see what happened.  After a 40 minute wait we had everything straightened out.  The nutritionist had just forgotten to put us on the schedule.

Upon entering our consultation room I asked Jake for the earphone from his iPod nano, not to be confused with the iPod.  They were actually Sam’s and he was just borrowing them.  He promptly told me NO!  Jake, your brother needs them…NO.  Jake sweetie we need to talk to this nice woman so would you please give me the earphones….NO.  Me, in his face talking quietly while the nutritionist tried to act like this wasn’t happening, Jake give me those earphones now…..NO.  Jake, is your blood sugar going low?  I know you get super grouchy when it does…………NO.  Jake, let’s check your blood sugar…………..I DON’T WANT TO.  The nutritionist offered him juice or some gluten-free crackers.  I wanted to offer him a knuckle sandwich at this point. I knew in my heart he wasn’t experiencing low blood sugar because he had eaten a late breakfast.  He proceeded to eat 2 bags of the crackers.  Without boring you too much more the visit went from bad to worse.  He answered every question the nutritionist asked with either NO or I DON’T KNOW.  My blood pressure continued to climb each time he responded with his surly attitude.  By the end of the visit Sam had decided to demonstrate the moon dance after he heard us mentioning Moondance Heavenly Desserts and Jake continued not to cooperate.  This from my easiest child.  After the fiasco of the visit  he refused to carry his pile of notebooks and library books he drags around.  I took the library book from the pile and dropped the rest on the floor and kept walking.

I managed to keep it together until we got in the car.  Once inside I read him the riot act.  What the heck were you doing?  You were so rude.  What is wrong with you?  No iDevices or Wii games until you are out of your teenage years!!!!!  I might have been yelling because when I looked at Sam he had his hand over his ears.  This went on for about a mile and then I asked Jake again about why he was acting like such a jerk.  Finally I took a breath and this voice from the back seat said, “I did it because I’m mad.”  I responded that I’m mad too and asked him what he was mad about.  “I’m mad because I have Celiac disease.”  I felt about 2 inches tall.  My guy gets it.  He knows he is going to have to give up all the stuff he has loves to eat.  Give up his Friday pizza lunch.  Give up cookies, pies, chicken tenders from various restaurants.  Yes, I will substitute but until you live this diet you have no idea what a pain it is.  Jake has been listening to me tell Sam for 2 years that he can’t eat this or that because it contains gluten.

OK Jake, now I know why you acted like you did.  You have diabetes and have to watch everything you eat and let’s just heap Celiac disease on top of that.  You should have given me those earphones right away, because that was disobeying, but I get the rest of your behaviour during the office visit from hell.  He apologized and we pointed the car in the direction of home singing out loud to Kidz Bop 20.  No skipping through Kroger’s, just home for a gluten-free lunch.


  1. Bless his heart, and bless your heart too, dear mother.

    • My Jacob is a trooper. Happy New Year to you and your family!

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