Posted by: Susan | January 3, 2012

Teaching life skills at Kroger’s

Since Jacob was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, and he started a gluten-free diet on December 28th, I thought a trip to the grocery store was in order.  I normally shop by myself and enjoy the magic of my surroundings.  Every turn down another aisle is a delight to the eyes.  There is a Starbucks in my Kroger’s.  Shopping for me isn’t a chore it’s an experience unless I take the boys and then it can go from experience to EXPERIENCE!  Must overcome aversion to shopping with kids in 2012(newest resolution).  Look Jake, here is a whole display of gluten-free food.  What would you like to buy?  He chose the gf pizza crust and gf blueberry muffins.  The muffins were $6.99 for 4 and the bread is $5.89 a loaf.  He did not want bread.  We did pick up some gf hamburger rolls that were only $2.49 for 4.

See Jake they do make gf chicken nuggets at only $6.29 a box which works out to $12.50 a pound.  We passed on these.

I wonder what happened to Sam during my fascinating gf tour?  Oh yes, here he is at the sushi bar.He correctly pointed out to his brother that sushi was made with rice which is gluten free.  One little problem was that he wanted to get the ones with imitation crab rolled up inside.  Sorry Sam, that fake crab contains gluten.  Off we went to read more labels.

Good job Jake, there is no gluten in energy drinks.  We will not be buying those.  I shudder to think of Sam after an energy drink.  Where is Sam?

No Sam, we will not be buying that DVD.  I need all the money I have to pay for this gluten-free food.  OK, now where is Jake?

No Jake, we will not get that for the same reason I gave Sam.  Where is Sam?

Move it buster we still have to go to the cereal aisle and then we are outta here.  Jake managed to find gf Rice Crispies and gf Cinnamon Chex.

I am so over this life skill teaching EXPERIENCE at Kroger’s.  My life lesson is I really don’t like to shop with my kids. New resolutions for 2012, leave kids at home when I go grocery shopping.  Now there is a resolution I can keep!



  1. Heehee. This actually brings back a lot of memories for me– I worked as a teacher/ health aid in special needs classrooms for many years, and we used to bring the older kids to the grocery store once per week for life skills learning. We were always searching for a “missing” distracted student! There was also much dancing in the aisles and begging for all sorts of sweet treats. And, of course, hugs for all the grocery store staff 🙂

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