Posted by: Susan | January 4, 2012

Waiting for Ava

April and I are waiting.  While we are waiting we are talking and dreaming and shopping.  Who, might you ask, is Ava?  Ava will be my first grand baby GIRL and April’s NIECE.  It is less than a month until Ava is born and the excitement keeps building.  This weekend is a baby shower for my darling daughter-in-law and April’s sister.  Once you marry into this family April claims you as a sibling.April and her”sister” Lindsey

Weeks ago April bought a beautiful card and bag to wrap up presents for Ava.  Today we filled it and I will send it to Virginia.  We can’t be at the shower but we can send girl gifts.In went shoes, tights with ruffles, a sweater with more ruffles, leopard print dress(a must for all girls) and the above gold dress with the ballerina skirt………………  Who can resist cute baby girls clothes?

Didn’t she pick out a darling bag?

Great job spelling congratulations April.  I copied it from the card Mom, said my darling April while giving me the “duh” look.

Later on today I will ship it out Priority Mail so it will be there in time for the shower.  It is so much more fun to procrastinate and pay extra shipping instead of sending the presents early.  Meanwhile back at home April and I will be waiting for baby girl Ava to arrive.  T-minus 29 days and counting!



  1. Wow!! So happy for you all! We have 3 granddaughters now and hopefully one day there will be grandsons:)
    Hope the gluten free diet goes well. I use it myself and bake all kinds of muffins with brown rice flour . I use one third ground up raw almonds and two thirds rice flour in my recipes. The almonds add extra protein—-banana muffins, pumpkins muffins etc. The baking soda and baking powder makes it rise nicely. There are some good, easy recipes on the web. Blessings, Vicky

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