Posted by: Susan | January 5, 2012

New Girl Scout Cookies

I have a problem so I will use my amazing skills to solve it.  First I will list possible solutions and then I will pick one.  The problem revolves around the new Girl Scout cookie that will be sold during the 2012 selling season.  I expect a knock on the door any time now from my friendly neighborhood Girl Scout.  I have been buying many boxes a year from her but this year is different.You can tell by Jake’s expression that he is not happy about the recent diagnosis of Celiac disease or the no wheat diet as we like to call it.  I know it includes barley and rye but really those grains aren’t a problem in our house.  Back to the problem.  Jake loves cookies but can’t eat Girl Scout cookies anymore.  Here are some possible solutions.


1.  Contact world headquarters of Girl Scouts and ask them to add gluten-free cookies to their line-up.

2.  Tell red haired, freckled face neighbor that I will not buy cookies this year while watching the smile fade from her face.

3.  Buy cookies and eat them in front of Sam and Jake while offering them an alternative.

4.  Buy many boxes of my favorite cookies, Thin Mints, and hide them behind the frozen vegetables to eat at my leisure when the boys aren’t around.

Drum roll please…………………..I choose #4!  I am already dreaming of a nice cup of hot tea and a roll of Thin Mints to eat when the boys are at school.

For those of you who need to know about the new cookies here are the facts….Savannah Smiles are bite-sized lemon crescent cookies.  I will order a box of those too.  I am sure I can wedge them in behind the veggies.

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