Posted by: Susan | January 9, 2012

The 12th day of Christmas

Friday, Dec. 6th, was the 12th day of Christmas.  It happened to be 60 degrees here in Ohio making it perfect weather to take down the outdoor Christmas decorations.  Amazing what the boys can learn from this chore.


team work

cord winding skills

problem solving

Later that evening we prepare to celebrate Epiphany.  These Wise Men on camels are from the Nativity set that Jim had as a child.  We read the story of the Wise Men visiting Herod and the finding the Christ child.  Not baby but child.

The Hunk always reads “with feeling” to make the Bible come alive.  After this we sing “We Three Kings” and the kids place the Wise Men in the Nativity scene.Listening, feeling, moving and experiencing the whole Christmas season.  Now the Christmas season is over.


  1. How blessed your children are!! What blessings they are to you!!

    • Thanks Vicky. I know that you are blessed and a blessing to your 3 guys and now grand children!

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