Posted by: Susan | January 10, 2012

Four birthdays = one big party

Last night we celebrated the birthdays of 4 of the kids friends.  Instead of birthday parties in home we now celebrate at Frisch’s Restaurant.  There were 12 teens and young adults at the birthday table and 9 parents/grand parents at another table.  Everyone socializes with their friends, orders and pays for their own food.  It is a great time for our kids with Down syndrome to practice reading a menu, ordering around a special diet (3 have Celiac disease) and paying the bill.

Birthday boy Alex in skeleton shirt and birthday girl Erin in UC sweatshirt

Notice how excited April and her boyfriend Jake(red shirt) are as they watch Matthew(black hat) study his birthday cup cake.

Hundreds of dollars weren’t spent on a “theme”party or place.  The “theme” of this party was just have fun and they did!

Lots of laughter and smiles…………………..

silly poses but best of all……………

gluten-free cupcakes made by my awesome friend Kate!  That’s birthday guy Josh at the end of the table.

As Sam likes to say:   Good Times, Good Times.  Don’t you just love sharing life’s special moments with friends?


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