Posted by: Susan | January 11, 2012

Best free gift ever!

I saw a GREAT  You Tube clip today called the Joy of Books and it got me thinking about how much my kids love to read.  We go several times a week to the library and have been doing this since the kids were infants.  I can’t even remember how many story hours we have been apart of.  Teachers often comment on the fact that the our kids have lots of life experiences to draw from.  Yes, we do lots of activities with the kids but we have also read many different types of books to them.

Now that they are older April, Jake and Sam each pick out books that they like.  April loves anything Harry Potter or Twilight while Jake loves to get out science books.  He also likes to copy all the text from his books and that is fine with me. It is a great way to learn new information.  Sam goes for books with lots of pictures and simple text.  That works too.  His newest find was a chapter book about a giant robot.

So what’s the best free gift ever?  A library card of their own.  If your child doesn’t have this wonderful gift I hope you will get them one very soon.

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