Posted by: Susan | January 13, 2012

Signs of the times

Last Saturday April and Sam went to an open house at the American Sign Museum.  It was the last official event at the museum before they shut the doors and move to a BIGGER location.  April was the official photographer since I had to stay home with Jake due to his injured ankle.

I asked April what her favorite sign was and she chose this one.Who doesn’t love a cute guy holding a burger?

I’m pretty sure that Sam took this lovely picture.

Isn’t the eerie green glow and Sam’s smile in this picture great?  Perhaps you are wondering how I find all these unique places for my trio to visit.  Every Friday I grab the weekend section of our paper and read it to see what activities include this word………FREE.  Since the museum was moving the free open house included free admission, free parking and free food.

I think all these people read about the free food too……………

Notice April has a cup in her hand.  That cup is filled with free beer.  She also had hot dogs and cotton candy and who knows what else.  Don’t worry faithful readers she only had one beer.

It’s Friday and I wonder what fun, free things I will find in my paper today?  It will be pretty hard to beat the signs of the times.


  1. Wow! April is a great photographer!!

    • You’re so sweet. She loves to take pictures and received a camera for Christmas.

  2. This is my neck of the woods and we’ve never been! Your pictures have inspired me to go!

    • I think the museum will open again in the Spring after the big move. Just found out today that Cincinnati was listed as one of the Top 10 US Cities to visit in 2012! I’m going to blog about that too.

  3. she did a good job capturing the fun!
    the free beer and hot dogs had me smiling.

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