Posted by: Susan | January 16, 2012

Boys night out, Girls night in!

Last week 60 degrees, Friday night 12 degrees.  The “boys” were headed out to watch grown men on skates whack each other with long sticks.    Driving downtown, walking along the river front with the wind blowing and then sitting inside an ice rink for hours is not my idea of a good time.  I asked them to put on their game face before they left.  Sam definitely has the best game face!

April and I decided to have a chick flick night.April picked the perfect flick and later that night ………………..

we popped in the disc………………………and snuggled under blankets as we drank our favorite beverage.  Watching a flick with my chick is the best way to spend a cold Friday night in Ohio.


  1. Happy family:)

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