Posted by: Susan | January 17, 2012

Cover Girl

My darling April has lofty goals of things she wants to accomplish.  Sometimes I have no idea how I can help her make these dreams come true and to be honest some goals I think are too lofty.  Silly me.  Here are just a few examples of things I thought would never happen to April.


1.  Be a high school cheerleader…….done!  She was a varsity cheerleader at Gainesville High School in Florida.

2.  March in the University of Florida Homecoming Parade…………………….done!  She marched in the parade with her cheerleading team and the Gainesville High School Band.  The route was two miles and I worried about her being able to go that far.  Again, silly me.

3.  Be on TV…………..done.  Check under my blog roll and click Facing Life Head On to see April when she was part of a TV show her senior year of high school.

4.  Be on the cover of a magazine…………done.  Imagine my surprise when I got the mail last week and saw April’s face on the cover of dspress.

Yes, that is April dancing with her friend Robbie at the winter dance last year.  They were performing with the A-Marika dance troupe.

I had nothing to do with getting her on the cover of the magazine.

I also had nothing to do with her becoming a cheerleader, marching in the parade or being filmed for a TV show.  They all just happened.  Here’s a life lesson for me:  My dreams for my daughter are too small.  I need to dream BIG.  April sure does.

down syndrome association of greater cincinnati…  dspress is available on their web site.



  1. I love love this post! I love that April has lofty goals and she’s making them happen, one at a time. Just love your blog. :-). Another post to share…

    • My girl continues to amaze me.

  2. Wow! Amazing April! What a blessing she is!!

  3. Dear April:

    Continue to live big and dream big!

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