Posted by: Susan | January 18, 2012

Senior Pictures

I though I posted this in November.  I actually had his pictures taken at the very end of October.  Part 2 will appear tomorrow.

Yes, Jacob is a Senior this year no matter how much I am in denial.  My darling guy can’t be graduating from school already since he was just 5 wasn’t he?  In my typical procrastinating manner I had put off having his Senior picture taken at a studio.  I  just rationalized that his picture taken at school would work fine as his Senior picture.  Fortunately my daughter’s neighbor is a professional photographer.  I see him at most school events taking pictures for the school.  I saw him again at the Senior Halloween parade.  I of course had my handy-dandy point and click digital in hand.  Jeremy mentioned to Jenny that he could take Jake’s picture and so I made an appointment 4 days before the final yearbook dead line to get Jake’s picture taken by a professional.

I love the last sentence on his About Us page…a positive and relaxed environment for every customer.   Sam came along with us so I am not sure how relaxing the environment was with Sam bugging his brother for most of the session.

Jeremy was great with both boys.  Many pictures had to be taken because Jake has a tendency to not look at the camera.

Jeremy’s easy-going and patient demeanor is just what both boys needed.  He took lots of pictures with different poses and backgrounds.

Meanwhile Sam was doing his own posing all over the studio.  I tried to ignore him.  I finally just told him that this is a professional photo shoot just like Justin Bieber would have and that he would have to sit quietly.

OK, I admit it, I had camera envy watching Jeremy work with all his fabulous equipment.  His pictures turned out amazing.  It was hard to pick the best one for the year book.

Jeremy showing Jake how to pose.

If you are lucky enough to live in Cincinnati this is the place to get your professional pictures taken.  He knows how to work with our kids who have Down syndrome.  We will be headed back to his studio for a family portrait soon.        McDaniel’s Photography



  1. How fun! What a great photographer — love how patient he was. John Michael tends to not look at the camera, either. I wonder if I taped a big eyeball on it, if he would look. LOL. Anyway, can’t wait to see the shots you chose. I really like the one of Jacob looking with his elbow on his knee. Great smile.

  2. So handsome!

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