Posted by: Susan | January 24, 2012

Surprise visit

The phone rang and whoever was on the other end Jake was very excited to talk to.  Wondering who it could be I took the phone and was surprised to hear the voice of our former helper Liz.  This is the young woman who made a huge impact on the lives of our children.  I wrote about it here last June when she moved to Kentucky to start her new job as a genetic counselor.

Liz was in town for a birthday party and wanted to know if we would be home later that day so she could come for a visit.  We made some gluten-free cookies for all to nibble on and waited for her arrival.

What a sweet visit we had catching up on her job and life and  the kid’s school and many activities.  Sam had to show her his art work that he had created in his art class.  April filled her in about her boyfriend.  It was a great, but to short visit, of talking, tea and treats.  We had to dash off to swim practice and she had to get back to her family.  Oh how we miss Liz!

                                                         Last year’s going away present.

Have you had any surprise visits recently?

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