Posted by: Susan | January 31, 2012

Technology and Down syndrome

I love all the technology out there that can help our kids with down syndrome.  It can be used for teaching reading, speech therapy, life skills and so much more.  What blows me away is how fast my kids learned how to use it.  Jake is a pro at down loading music into his iPod nano and iPod.  Both Jake and Sam have figured out how to use the video and regular camera on all the i gadgets…..yes we have 3.  It all started when Jake won an iPod nano at a Youth Group event.  I thought there would be no way he could figure it out and that he would lose it.  Two years later and he still has it.  Of course it goes to school every day in his pocket just like all the other high school students.

I know you’re thinking what about April?  April is a star on everything related to her phone.  No it doesn’t have an “i” in its name but that girl can make her phone do more than I thought possible.  She is a texting, picture sending queen.  She uses her calendar and alarm to organize her life and has quite the social life going with that phone.  There is an iPhone in her future probably arriving around birthday time.

The other day I looked into the family room and spotted this.  I just had to capture this on my camera.Sam is video recording his brother dancing with the Michael Jackson Wii.  They have so much fun watching all the movies they make.

Here Sam has taken a picture of himself and then changed it took look distorted.  He figured out how to do this by himself.  Such fun!

Several day later Jake was busy photographing the pictures in his book and copying the text into his iPod.  He then saves them in Drop Box.  Where did he learn to do that?  Not from me.

Now I must cut this post short because April wants to get on Facebook before she leaves for the day……………..!  Gotta love technology.

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