Posted by: Susan | February 2, 2012

Exercise and Down syndrome

I have my kids exercise a lot.  I have set up activities where they exercise at least 3 times a week.  If you want to know some of the reason it is so important you can read about it here….Top 10 reasons to exercise.

It gets a little more tricky in the winter when the temperature drops and no one is very excited about going outside so I have come up with a new plan named Drew.

Drew comes the same day every week and takes Jake, Sam and April to our Rec. Center to work out.  He is their personal trainer.   Doesn’t he remind you a little bit of Bob on the Biggest Loser?

Drew is not a professional personal trainer but he is a friend/helper who likes to work out and knows how to use all the machines.  He has taught Sam how to use the equipment and keeps everyone motivated and moving.  It is so cool to work out with Drew.  It is so embarrassing to work out with your Mom!

Work it April.Watch TV, listen to iPod and exercise, great multi-tasking Jake.

After my trio has exercised for an hour they head home to make their own dinner.  It is always the same thing….pizza.

Jake and Sam make gluten-free pizza.

April makes barbeque chicken and onion pizza.

But where am I during all this exercising and cooking and bonding time?  I am out on a date with the Hunk.  While our kids are keeping their bodies strong we are keeping our marriage strong by spending time together.  I have decided that I really, really, really love “Drew Day”.


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