Posted by: Susan | February 3, 2012

A blast from the past and then some….

Yesterday Jim found some old pictures among a box of things he was going through.

Yes, this is our darling April on her second birthday.  We have both grown so much since this picture was taken.  Surprisingly the misconceptions about Down syndrome are pretty much the same as when April was born.  The link below it to an ABC news segment about Down syndrome.  Kelle Hampton, a blogger I follow, is sharing how she felt when her daughter Nella was born 2 years ago.  Watch and listen to it all the way to the end to see how her perceptions on DS changed.  I know this clip has done a lot to show the world what awesome, capable children we have!

Living with Down Syndrome: A Mother’s Journey

Here is a birthday picture from last year.  April has grown up to become a wonderful young woman.  If all those nay sayers could see her now!


  1. Beautiful!

    • Thanks Vikcy…………..

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