Posted by: Susan | February 6, 2012

Off to the beach: Part 2

If you missed Saturday’s post let me bring you up to speed.  April, Jake and Sam were headed to the Kenwood Town Center, or as we like to call it the mall, to see the indoor beach set up by Visit Pensacola.  I had visions of a large dump truck filling an area of the mall with sand.  Here is what it really looked like.That is the vast beach they set up right in front of Starbucks.  Sometimes our expectations don’t meet with reality.  How would they get a large pile of sand inside and then clean it up?  Jake is digging for treasure and if you look closely you can see he has on flip-flops in February in Ohio!  What mother would let her child out of the house in those?  Not this one!  He changed into those because he had them in his bag packed for swimming.  Isn’t he the sneaky one.  You are probably wondering what fab treasure did he find….gold, free trip to Pensacola, Starbucks gift card?

The treasure was a plastic sea shell.  But wait is that a mascot I spy over Sam’s shoulder?  As promised the Cincinnati Reds had people from the team to sign autographs and 3, count them, 3 mascots!

Sam, Jake, Rosie Red Legs, April and Ali(friend)

Notice the beach set up behind my 3 and this unique mascot.

My guys are mesmerised by the mascot trying to sign April’s hat.

Hey, where did that cow come from?  He’s not a part of the Cincinnati Reds team.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Do your recognize the cow?  Look over his shoulder for a hint.  If not the next picture will reveal just who that cow is.

I laughed out loud when April came home from swim practice and showed me her shirt.  Yep, the cow signs his name C F A Cow…Chik-fil-A cow.  Amazing things happen when you go to the beach inside the mall.

After I visited the web site of  Visit Pensacola I was ready to hop on the next plane bound for that beautiful place.  Thanks Pensacola for bringing a little bit of your beach to us land locked folks up here in Ohio.

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