Posted by: Susan | February 15, 2012

If you give your wife a purple chair….

If you give your wife a purple chair:  A true story based loosely on the children’s book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

If you give your wife a purple chair (for Valentine’s Day) then you have to rearrange the living room.

and if you rearrange the living room then you have too much furniture so you move your extra sofa into the dining room (for now),

and if you put the sofa in the dining room you have to move the bench where the side board will go,

but before you can move the side board you must take most of the dishes off of it and put them on the dining room table,

and when you put the dishes on the table then you see all the dust on the furniture that needs to be taken care of,

but before you can dust and put things away you must move 2 pieces of furniture into the basement, with the help of your husband. and you laugh so hard you almost wet your pants (can I say that on a blog?),

and while you are in the basement you realize that April is bringing a friend home for dinner and you still have to put everything back together all because of that gorgeous purple chair.

If you must have your daily dose of pictures of my kids ……………….Sam and April petting Cody, the dog who comes to church.

Jake with his friend Michaela (see my mantra from yesterday’s post)!

I am off to put my house back together…………………………


  1. Rosie will feel right at home!

  2. So funny!! We got a good laugh!!

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