Posted by: Susan | February 19, 2012

Quiet Sunday

Today Jake is “under the weather” so I stayed home with him while the Hunk took April and Sam the Man to church.  Jake spent most of the morning blowing his nose and playing board games with me.  When the Hunk returned home he took over while I made breakfast for lunch.  Spoiler alert, Jim usually loses when he plays Sorry with the guys!

Jim is not happy because the board looks like this and BTW his game pieces are yellow.We had to stop the Sorry game for lunch.

The game resumed after lunch with much smack talk, maneuvering and teasing by the Hunk.  It still didn’t help.  Good job Jim you came in 3rd!

OK, since you asked here is what I put on my tomato and onion salad before I put it on top of the eggs.

balsamic vinaigrette

peel garlic and cut in half

3TBSP of olive oil

1Tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tsp Dijon mustard

splash of soy sauce (ours is gluten-free)

Put everything in small jar, shake and enjoy…… favorite dressing.

Jake’s must be feeling better because my quiet Sunday has turned into me listening to the music on Dance 3 as the boys do their Wii thing.  Oh, and record themselves with their iPod.

Mojo score 88……………


  1. Your family is an inspiration!!

    • You are so sweet to say that!

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