Posted by: Susan | February 21, 2012

The hat…

Some people just have a face that is made to wear hats.  By this I mean you go from cute to cuter when you put on a hat.  My Sam the Man can wear hats!

We went to Target to buy jeans for Jake and Sam found this hat, put it on his head and there it stayed (tag dangling from the back) until we paid for it.  Then I pulled off the tags and he has been wearing it ever since.  We were lucky enough to run into our friend, and Sam’s former teacher, Andi.  She loved the hat and couldn’t believe how old Sam was looking.  My baby has got the whiskers going on.

Later that day we were off to bowling and of course the hat was firmly on his head the entire time.A person looks so cool when they bowl and wear a hat.

This guy knows how to work it with his hat on.  So many positions to put it on your head and so many ways to play with the rim of you hat as you talk to the ladies.

He told me he was going to wear the hat to bed.  I don’t know if he did because I went to bed after dinner with a bad cold.  Sam came downstairs at 6:00 a.m. with his hat on all ready to go to school.  Sorry Sam, not hats in school.  He was not happy.  Not to worry, the hat will go back on his head as soon as he gets home.

Sam, you in a hat……rock!

Inspiring story from Down Syndrome Daily.


  1. Such a handsome guy. The hat totally works for him. Love the bowling pic, too.

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