Posted by: Susan | February 27, 2012

Things that make me smile.

A picture of big brother Dan and baby Ava with Dan hard at work writing a paper for his Master’s degree….

Reading this book to Sam, even though it’s a children’s book, and loving it!  If you can find it in your library make sure to check it out.  Oh, and that Ikea napkin behind the book makes me smile too….

Knowing that big brother Derek, shown here with Jake, Sam and grandson Henry, will be coming for a visit this weekend on his way to Kansas City for a spring break internship at an industrial design firm in Kansas City….

Walking into Jake’s room this morning after he left for school and finding he had already laid out his clothes for tomorrow.

Finding this picture on my camera that Jake took of himself and his swim coach Anne.

Knowing I get to hang out with Blondie today…..

These are the things that make me smile!  What are you smiling about today?


  1. ‘Our’ Danny and his newborn daughter – what a precious image! Thanks so much for the Ava fix/update!

  2. Precious family! You are rich in blessings!!

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